To blog or not to blog

Welcome to my world and my first blog post!

This first post tells what I plan to blog about and why.

But first, a little about myself.

Who I am

There are a few ways I could go about describing who I am.

  • A corporate executive on a sabbatical would be technically accurate – and among the laziest attempts.
  • A free spirit who dances to the beat of her own music reveals a different angle.
  • Mystics would remind me that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
  • A happy soul who lives in quiet joy is a personal favorite – for its lack of complication and the fact that it makes me smile.
  • A woman who has reconnected with her Goddess energy and lives from the Divine Feminine’s inner center of balance, power and serenity is one that will resonate with many ladies, as well as gentlemen who are honoring their Sacred Masculine.

Whichever you end up picking as you get to know me, I trust they all point to someone who feels blessed and privileged to be enjoying an amazing spiritual journey and happily witnessing her life and outlook being transformed from it.


What I plan to blog about and why

  • I start this blog to share about this journey and how it is shaping my life – with the hope to inspire and to connect with people undergoing transformation in their own lives, whether of a spiritual nature or not. Part of living is about embracing change and journeying towards one’s highest potential, isn’t it?
  • I will blog about my world travels too – I have visited over two dozen countries so far and lived some great adventures – about my writing (fiction and non-fiction) and I will share as well about my professional experience with an aim to  benefit readers. There will be posts on personal empowerment, leadership development, emotional intelligence, relationships, diversity and inclusion, positive psychology, life purpose and coaching – to name a few.
  • I will post my thoughts on a variety of topics of interest as well – all things mystic, Nature, myths and legends, ancient civilisations, indigenous cultures and traditions, horses, music and dance, wildlife, movies and books, among others.

Some people tell me that the popular blogs are the ones that focus on a specific area with a niche audience. And here I am, telling you at the outset that this blog is going to do anything but.

What are your views about blogging? To blog “far-and-wide” or not to?

Do you like the purpose and feel of my wide-ranging blog?

– Shona Eagle